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Will G20 Summit affect Jawan’s Box Office collections? Trade experts say THIS about Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie

The much-anticipated film Jawan starring Shah Rukh Khan is set to make a grand entrance at the box office. However, the upcoming G20 Summit in Delhi could put a damper on the celebrations for fans in the national capital.

The Summit, scheduled for September 9-10, will see heads of state from around the globe, including US President Joe Biden, convening in Delhi. Security restrictions are expected, especially in parts of the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) area.

Sanjeev Kumar Bijli, Executive Director of PVR-INOX Ltd, acknowledged that four PVR theatres — PVR Plaza, Rivoli, Odeon, and ECX Chanakyapuri — would remain shut during the Summit. These are single-screen theatres with a combined capacity of around 2,000 seats.

Fans who had their hearts set on watching Jawan in these iconic venues will have to change their plans. The closures, although a minor part of the film’s overall business, could affect the ambience and experience fans were looking forward to.

Bijli, however, downplayed the impact, noting that Delhi has a four-day weekend.

“Out of the 10 lakh capacity on opening day, we’ve sold about 25% of the tickets, which is like 2.5 lakh tickets sold for Thursday across PVR INOX (screens). It is a very big number and early estimates suggest that it can be bigger than Pathaan,” Bijli told PTI.

While the Summit is a crucial event for international diplomacy, Shah Rukh Khan’s audience in central Delhi might find the timing inconvenient. In a year that has seen Bollywood reclaim its box office prowess, with massive hits like Pathaan, Gadar 2, and OMG 2, any disruption is bound to be frustrating for cinema-goers.

Jawan bigger than Pathaan?

“About 30-35% of the film’s business will come from the South, which again is bigger than the numbers made by Pathaan,” Bijli said.

“The situation is crazy across single-screen theatres and multiplexes both. It is difficult to predict the business. It will at least do 70 crore on day one (in India),” Mumbai-based trade expert Komal Nahta told PTI.

If Nahta’s estimates, which go in line with may other experts’ figures, are correct; Jawan’s opening day numbers will go past Pathaan’s. Shah Rukh Khan’s all-time blockbuster earned 57 crore on its opening day.

Miraj Cinema, with over 182 screens across the nation, has announced the sale of 28,000 tickets already. Amit Sharma, the Managing Director of Miraj Entertainment Ltd, stated, “Due to overwhelming public demand, we’ve broken new ground by adding a 5 am show for a Hindi film in Kolkata, a first in our cinema’s history. Jaipur will experience the earliest screening at 6.05 am in Hindi, setting a record for the city.”

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Updated: 06 Sep 2023, 08:04 AM IST