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Will Biden’s Gaza Stance Hurt Him in 2024? Michigan Is the First Test.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — For months, anger within the Democratic Party over President Joe Biden’s support for Israel in the war in the Gaza Strip has been building. Protesters have shouted through his campaign events, marched outside the White House and vilified him as “Genocide Joe” on social media.

Now, Michigan’s primary election next week will put that discontent on the ballot for the first time, with Biden’s liberal detractors urging Democrats to vote “uncommitted” against him. Some of the president’s allies worry that a movement to register disapproval against him now could have lasting effects into the general election — especially if Biden does not alter his stance toward the conflict.

Michigan’s combination of an early primary, a large and politically active Arab American population, progressive students on college campuses and the option of a protest vote have raised the stakes of what has otherwise been a sleepy election in the state.