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Who is David Goodwillie Wife Kirstie E Goodwillie? Age Gap, Relationships & Controversy Update

David Goodwillie’s wife, Kirstie E Goodwillie, was formerly a mediating teacher at Bodhi Yoga, but her life took a significant turn after she became pregnant. Now, her topmost priority is caring for her child, and she has devoted herself entirely to this new chapter of motherhood.1biographygist2

On the other hand, David Goodwillie boasts an impressive football career, but it has been marred by troubles ever since he was found guilty of misconduct. Although numerous teams initially signed contracts with him, they eventually dropped him from their ranks due to the controversies surrounding his name.

As a result of these challenges, both David and Kirstie have opted for a lower profile. They prefer to keep their personal lives private, including details about their child. In this article, we will delve into Kirstie’s life and her relationship with David.

Before embracing motherhood, Kirstie E Goodwillie was known for her passion as a mediating teacher at Bodhi Yoga. Her dedication to the practice and her nurturing nature made her a beloved instructor among the students. However, when she discovered she was expecting a baby, Kirstie decided to shift her focus entirely to her growing family.