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What Triggered the Feud Between Daria Kasatkina and Jelena Ostapenko?

The entangled narrative between Daria Kasatkina and Jelena Ostapenko has witnessed a tumultuous journey, marked by peaks and valleys that echo through their on-court clashes.1

Explore the riveting saga, encapsulated by a particularly memorable incident—a bitter handshake at the 2017 US Open, which served as a stark manifestation of the palpable discord permeating their rivalry.

In the crucible of the Charleston Open finals in 2018, the tension reached its zenith. Kasatkina emerged victorious, relegating Ostapenko to the position of a runner-up.

However, what unfolded during the trophy presentation was equally noteworthy—Ostapenko, in a surprising move, chose not to acknowledge Kasatkina. Brushing it off with an air of indifference, she claimed not to know her rival, despite their shared journey through the junior tournaments.