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Wait, Kim Kardashian just hired Taylor Swift's BFF for her new SKIMS line

Sabrina Carpenter didn’t just become a SKIMS model and leave it at that. The actress and singer left the photoshoot a whole lot richer after Kim Kardashian chose her to model her wedding range.

Kim Kardashian hasn’t just lived up to her billionaire title. She’s actually helped actress Sabrina Carpenter become more social media-rich since she stunned in SKIMS‘ fancy new wedding line.

Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for MTV

Sabrina Carpenter hired for SKIMS line

Sabrina Carpenter is the latest singer and actress hired for Kim’s SKIMS line, specifically her wedding lingerie. Snaps showed the musician, who opened for Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, in a range of underwear.

One snap shows Sabrina in pigtails while reading a book, while another sees the blonde bombshell pretending to be on the phone in a baby pink bra and knickers set – and she’s a lot richer from the collab.

Sabrina can now earn up to £89,900 for one sponsored Instagram post following the collab, according to data. Her post caught the attention of rumored boyfriend Barry Keoghan, who commented on the photos with a flame.

Singer is Taylor Swift’s BFF

Sabrina Carpenter has risen to fame for her singing talents, especially as she was the new girlfriend of singer Olivia Rodrigo’s ex, who was often sung about when she went viral.

She then opened for Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, showcasing her skills as a piano player, guitarist and singer. Sabrina has since become BFFs with the singer, often appearing at gigs and hang-outs together.

Kardashian fans will be aware Kim and Taylor don’t see eye-to-eye, ever since that 2009 moment Kim’s ex, Kanye West, stole the mic from the Love Story singer’s award win and said Beyoncé deserved it instead at the VMAs.

Fans react to Sabrina Carpenter hiring

When Kim hired Sabrina as her new SKIMS model, everyone was captured by her beauty. However, there’s a select few who know all about the Kardashian and Swift drama, who had some words.

One fan wrote: “Kim’s a business girly that’s for sure. LOVE that she got Sabrina for this campaign. First the Mahomes and now Taylor’s tour opener. The Swifties are losing it.”

Another simply penned, “What about Taylor?” But some don’t care, with a fan commenting, “you do know that Taylor’s friends also have partnered with Kim K like Lana, Brittany and Ice spice, it’s not that deep.”

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