Vodafone Cash updates zero-charge offer

 Vodafone Ghana has re­iterated its commitment to driving financial inclusion and offering the best services to its customers.

Speaking in an interview in Ac­cra yesterday, Mr Philip Amoateng, Director of Vodafone Cash, said three years ago, as the world grap­pled with the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Vodafone Ghana introduced a relief measure for its customers.

The initiative, he said, ensured that all Vodafone Cash users could enjoy seamless money transfers without any associated fees.

“It was a testament to Vodafone Ghana’s unwavering commitment to the financial well-being and inclusion of its customers. This was our way of tangibly demonstrating our lifelong commitment to our customers’ financial well-being and inclusion during the pandemic,” he said.

He said, “in the face of global economic challenges, the telco now seeks to cover rising operational costs while still providing affordable services to its customers. While this chapter concludes, Vodafone Ghana’s dedication to its customers remains unshaken.”

He said the company was poised to introduce its new Voda­fone Cash proposition next month.

“The new Vodafone Cash proposition ensures that Vodafone to Vodafone transactions remain free. However, Vodafone Cash will charge 0.5 per cent for transfers across networks. Even with the in­troduction of these charges, Voda­fone continues to offer unparalleled value, especially when sending money from Vodafone Cash to other networks,” he explained.

“Our customers will continue to enjoy the best value with Vodafone Cash. We encourage everyone to trust Vodafone Cash for its conve­nience, reliability, transparency, and commitment to providing the best value in the market.”

In a market where customers were accustomed to paying a 1 per cent fee on all transactions, Vodafone Cash users enjoyed zero charges on all their transactions, even across networks.

Even after the introduction of the e-levy on May 1, 2022, transac­tions on Vodafone Cash remained free. Vodafone Cash customers only needed to pay a 1.5 percent e-levy fee.


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