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TV star was refused tummy tuck for being 'too overweight' after giving birth

A year before weight loss surgery, Botched saw Mama June, known for being on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, pay the show’s plastic surgeons a visit to fix residual tummy damage from C-section surgery.

Mama June Shannon went on a weight loss journey after giving birth to Honey Boo Boo, her youngest daughter. Despite her plea for help, the Botched doctors refuse to give her a tummy tuck when she asked for help.

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Mama June visited Botched clinic

Mama June revealed she had Honey Boo Boo – Alana Thompson – at 26 years old. Having given birth to her first at the age of 15, she visited the Botched clinic at size 16, explaining how she had scar tissue left.

Wanting to tighten her tummy up and continue her weight loss journey, Mama June wanted plastic surgeon help on top of her personal trainer’s vegan recipes and healthy eating support.

June said her tummy “had started to sag,” while her PT said she has another 50lbs to lose. The Botched doctors noticed she had “significant weight on her” and invited her in for her requested consultation.

She’s refused tummy tuck surgery

Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow were forced to refuse tummy tuck surgery to Mama June. Noticing she’s lost 150lbs in a year, she explained she had not touched soda in more than two years.

The mother-of-two was convinced she should have had a tummy tuck every time she got a C-section in the past – but didn’t with her last baby – which the doctors told her was not the case.

Mama June claims her doctor had gone too deep with the C-section that her child’s forehead was cut. Following the procedure, the reality TV star said it has become “stinky” around her tummy area.

They examine her stomach to make sure the surgery would work perfectly, explaining she has a serious case of intertrigo, which is inflammation caused by the rubbing of one area of skin on another.

Wanting the skin removed, Dubrow says her BMI of 39 is too risky to perform a tummy tuck, explaining she is too “overweight,” meaning she needs a BMI of 28 – a loss of 75lbs – before they’ll do the surgery.

Mama June shows off weight loss

Mama June did undergo weight loss surgery after going on Botched in 2016, though. A year later, Mama June had an entire transformation, including a gastric sleeve and breast augmentation surgery.

She had the procedures over a matter of months, losing 300lbs after her gastric sleeve but later gaining 100lbs back. Mama June is now happy with her body while weighing 240lbs, she has revealed.

Before she found fame, Mama June was a size 28 and has since maintained some of her weight loss while in the public eye. Her surgery in 2017 cost her a whopping $75,000!

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