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TV star 'didn't like' her best friend at first because she demanded 'sandwich and fries'

Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke’s friendship has become super close on RHOBH. However, when the two first met, they didn’t like each other – especially after Garcelle demanded a sandwich and fries.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars looked back at their friendship on Bravo’s Hot Mic podcast. While Garcelle Beauvais disliked how Sutton was a “New York socialite,” her co-star wasn’t fond, either.

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Garcelle and Sutton’s RHOBH friendship

Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke have been best friends on RHOBH for years, but would never have likely become friends without the Bravo series. Sutton initially had a hard time fitting into the group.

Luckily, fellow newbie Garcelle had her back. In particular, Sutton loved how Garcelle would be bold and ask her questions without fear, but their friendship truly blossomed after the Housewives went to Rome.

Sutton invited Garcelle to attend mass, as well as when they met for drinks to get to know each other. Their friendship game is now so strong it was nominated for an MTV Movie & TV Award!

They didn’t like each other at first

Garcelle didn’t like what she’d heard about Sutton, having been a New York socialite who hadn’t worked for 17 years. Feeling like she had “nothing in common,” Garcelle was not keen on Sutton at all.

Sutton’s first impression was that Garcelle wanted a sandwich and fries at a fashion show, after she was offered nuts. “Who orders a sandwich front row at New York Fashion Week, Garcelle?” she joked.

Things soon changed for BFF duo

They didn’t know each other at all but were both friends with Lisa Rinna, bonding over both being divorced as well as being a single mother. Garcelle even asked Sutton “where she got all her money”.

It didn’t offend Sutton, who was “glad somebody was going to finally ask her something,” while Garcelle was “fearless” – and that’s when they both started laughing, becoming good friends.

Sutton also asked Garcelle for advice on whether she should go back to her ex, trusting her opinion. Having both gone through a divorce, they remained there to support each other.

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