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TV star breaks down ‘dewy’ beauty regime as fans need glowing skin secrets

Lala Kent takes to her podcast this April to share how her appearance being talked about in the public forum makes her feel. The Vanderpump Rules star has been in the limelight for almost 10 years but she reveals how she “wants to run away” when trolls pick her looks apart.

Speaking on an episode of Give Them Lala, she said it’s “one thing to see one comment about my eyebrows and my hairline, but if I see it 500 times though, I’m going to be like how am I going to get them to not do that.” Thankfully, there are also lots of compliments coming Lala Kent‘s way. Many think her skin is looking incredible during Vanderpump Rules season 11. The reality TV star breaks down her new ‘dewy’ beauty regime.

Credit: Screenshot via Bravo YouTube channel/Vanderpump Rules

Lala Kent’s ‘beautiful skin’

Lala’s latest podcast episode featured comedian and actress Heather McDonald this April.

Heather said people had questions for the Vanderpump Rules star: “Ask Lala why her skin looks so beautiful.”

Lala joked back: “I’m pregnant.”

Heather continued: “Well, no, but in the show you’re not pregnant…”

“…You look beautiful in person but in the show, your makeup and skin and stuff look particularly good in these last few episodes…”

Vanderpump Rules fans ask her secret

Lala’s “secret” to her “fresh” new look is basically wearing less makeup.

She said: “This season I’m not… I don’t wanna do my clip-ins for every scene, I don’t want to bleach my hair, I’m done with the lashes, I’m done with it all…”

She thanked her podcast guest for saying how “all her looks have been great” and added how she wants: “Dewy skin, some mascara, and a highlighter.”

Despite some people paying compliments to the reality star, she also has her fair share of trolls coming her way online.

Speaking of the effect online posts have on her, Lala said she rarely gets DMs from random people, but added: “When you start seeing that a page has posted about you and has opened the public forum for people to slide into the chat, it immediately makes me feel exposed and vulnerable and I have to run away.”


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