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TV rapper behind viral song that changed his life watches his sister pretend to be him

The Circle season 6’s Paul Russell is actually a real singer who got famous with one song, Lil Boo Thang, and recently performed on American Idol. His younger sister, Caress, is pretending to be him.

With $100K on the line, what better way to win the money than to pretend to be your successful all-singing, all-rapping brother? The Circle star is tricking her co-players into thinking she’s really Paul.

Paul Russell’s sister pretends to be him

Caress Russell is singer and rapper Paul Russell’s sister. If you don’t know Paul, he starred as a guest singer on American Idol just days ago, performing his viral track, Lil Boo Thang.

The Dallas, Texas contestant is now going undercover as her younger brother, as he’s a well-known singer, to throw her fellow influencers off the scent of who she really is.

“My little brother is 11 years younger than me, and honestly, he knows a lot more about social media,” she said in the premiere. Caress revealed he has 300,000 followers, while she has “hardly any.”

The Circle season 6 star empowers crowds

Caress Russell is super close to her brother. She is a motivational speaker describing herself as a “multi-talented professional with a passion for empowering audiences through the art of communication.”

For over 12 years, the Netflix star has toured the country, and written and acted in various films. She is the writer behind Arizona State University Sports Commercial’s Follow Your Lead short film.

Caress had a $5K budget to make her own short film, Ain’t We Women, which she directed, wrote and produced herself. She has also toured over 200 colleges and universities with her beatbox poetry show!

How Lil Boo Thang changed Paul’s life

Lil Boo Thang is the viral song that changed Paul’s life. He released the track in August 2023, which soon ended up in the NOW That’s What I Call Music Volume 89 album.

Russell first previewed the track on TikTok on June 28, 2023, after which he signed with Arista Records to release it as a single. The preview video went viral, receiving more than 10 million views.

The song samples the 1977 track, Best of My Love by the Emotions, and debuted on the US Billboard Hot 100 at number 99 in September 2023, marking Russell’s first chart listing. It then peaked at number 14!


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