Trump Media tells shareholders how to block their DJT stock being loaned to short sellers

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Trump Media is making a point of telling its shareholders how to prevent their stock from being loaned to short sellers — who bet the price of the shares will drop.

The short-selling-prevention tips posted Wednesday on Trump Media’s website come as its DJT stock has sharply fallen in price since it began being public trading on March 26 — and as short sellers have taken a keen interest in the owner of the Truth Social app despite relatively high fees to finance such trades.

Trump Media’s share price rose sharply on Wednesday, by more than 15%, its closing price of $26.40 was still a whopping 63% lower than the price it opened at on March 26.

The stock slumped by 20% last week alone, and then plummeted by more than 18% on Monday and another more than 14% on Tuesday.