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Thousands of tumors covered patient's body before doctor's 'amazing' results

TLC fans have seen My Feet Are Killing Me, Save My Skin, and Dr Pimple Popper but now there’s a some’ new show in town. Take My Tumor features many new patients in need of help. One who tried fundraising for her cause before appearing on the show is Charmaine Sahadeo.

Charmaine is 43 years old and lives in Trinidad. She has NF-1, a genetic condition that causes tumors to grow all over her body. During TLC‘s Take My Tumor, she is hoping surgeons can give her a new lease of life after living with the condition since she was 13.


Credit: Screenshot via TLC YouTube channel/Take My Tumor

Take My Tumor’s Charmaine

For 30 years, Charmaine Sahadeo has been living with NF-1. She explains how her mother also had the same condition, however, it wasn’t as severe as Charmaine’s.

“Neurofibromatoses are a group of genetic disorders that cause tumors to form on nerve tissue,” writes Mayo Clinic.

Per the show, around 1 in 3,000 people have the condition, but Charmaine’s was particularly “extreme.”

She explains how the tumors began as “just a couple” on her face, before they began to grow and multiply.

Charmaine began her Take My Tumor journey with thousands of tumors all over her body.

TLC star had to adapt her wardrobe

Living for decades with thousands of tumors all over her body, Charmaine learned she had to adapt her wardrobe.

The reality TV star is seen opting for an oversized dress during her episode so that it “didn’t interfere” with one of her “bumps.”

She explains: “I don’t want nothing that I wear to hurt the bump, to cause it to bleed.”

After tumors began growing on her body during secondary school, Charmaine explained how doctors in Trinidad “didn’t know much” about her condition and “couldn’t do anything.”

She said she never thought the amount of tumors would reach the point they have. The Take My Tumor star added how one of her legs is swollen so she has to take breaks every five minutes when walking to rest it.

Dr Osborne helps Charmaine

Previous to appearing on the TLC show, Charmaine posted a fundraiser to help with her condition.

Thankfully, Charmaine was able to travel to California to meet Dr Osborne who hopes he can help her with her condition.

The doctor had plans to sculpt out of the mass of tumors that surrounded Charmaine’s body.

On closer inspection, Dr Osborne realized his patient was having some difficulty breathing due to the tumors on her face.

He said: “I think it’s urgent right now that we intervene.”

When it came to beginning work sculpting out the tumors, he explained: “We have to do it in phases.”

After surgery on the show, Charmaine had a new lease of life and fans were hailing her “gorgeous” and “beautiful” on X (Twitter).

More said the results were “amazing” adding: “We can see Charmaine’s face now!”


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