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These House Republicans voted against Jim Jordan’s speaker bid

The Republicans opposing Rep. Jim Jordan’s bid for speaker made themselves known on the House floor in the first roll call vote Tuesday to elect a new speaker of the House, and with 20 voting against him, he failed to secure a majority in the first round.

When the vote finished, this was the final tally: Democrat Leader Hakeem Jeffries, of New York, had 212 votes, those of every Democrat, Jordan had 200 GOP votes, six Republicans voted for former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, seven voted for House Majority Leader Steve Scalise and three voted for former Rep. Lee Zeldin, of New York. Rep. Mike Garcia of California, won one vote, as did Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota, Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma and Rep. Tom Massie of Kentucky.

Here are the Republicans who voted against Jordan on the first vote, so far: