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The Bachelorette star is 'so tall' and 'husband material' as he wins over Charity

Dotun Olubeko’s height is the talk among The Bachelorette fans after he picked Charity Lawson up while they dressed in bright colors for a 1-on-1 date. So, how tall is Dotun on The Bachelorette? His towering tallness was noticed by fans on the July 24 episode, especially when he admitted he’s scared of heights.

The Bachelorette sees Charity date a line-up of men hoping to win her over and win her season. She’s already given roses out to her favorites, one of them being Dotun. Fans are saying he’s “10ft tall” but how tall is he really?

Credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin

How tall is Dotun on The Bachelorette?

Taking to Instagram in 2020, Dotun wrote that he is 6ft 7in. The Bachelorette star wrote a caption about his health and fitness journey. He said: “I remember being in 8th grade at 6’0 and 130lbs.”

Dotun continued: “I remember being a high school junior football player at 6’5 190lbs. I remember being a freshman red shirt at a D1 college at 6’7 195lbs.” Follow the ABC show contestant’s Instagram page at @dptfitness.

Fans were convinced that Dotun is 10ft but he admitted he is afraid of heights. He towered over Charity during the July 24 episode, with many labeling him as “husband material” for not just his tallness, but his smile and maturity.

Charity Lawson’s height – revealed

Charity revealed that she is 5ft 3in during an interview with Parade. Many of her suitors are significantly taller than her, with several of them over 6ft. She said, “Most of them are like, super tall. I was like, this is interesting.”

This means the height difference between Charity and Dotun is over a foot! Viewers only picked up on how different their tallness is during the recent episode when they ran a 10k race and went for a romantic dinner.

Charity admitted, “Dotun does feel like that person who could be exactly who I would navigate this life with.” It comes after the two conquered their fear of bungee jumping together.

Charity and Dotun smile with his arm around her, Charity wearing pink feather boa and Dotun wearing multi-colored boa with 12202 number stuck on his top.
Credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Fans think Dotun is ‘the one’ for Charity

Dotun Olubeko’s height is one thing, but there are several other positive traits that viewers saw in him, as well as his connection to Charity. One fan wrote, “Dotun is clearly Charity’s guy.”

Another penned: “Feeling like Tanner should have stayed 100%. And also that Dotun is the one #TheBachelorette.”

“CHARITY!!! Dotun is the ONE #TheBachelorette,” revealed a fan on Twitter. Many are rooting for Dotun to win The Bachelorette but all will be revealed in a few weeks!


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