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The Bachelor descends into chaos as they fret 'STFU' drama led to star's dramatic walk-off

Maria Georgas has The Bachelor fans worried she leaves the rose ceremony after Sydney claimed she told her to “shut the f*** up”. Maria has vehemently denied the accusations on-screen.

We thought the drama was squashed until Sydney continued to lay down the narrative that Maria was swearing at her, as supported by fellow The Bachelor contestant Lea. Now, fans are really concerned.

Credit: Disney/John Fleenor/The Bachelor

Fear Maria Georgas ‘leaves’ Bachelor

The Bachelor fans fear Maria Georgas will leave The Bachelor at the rose ceremony. It comes amid the ongoing drama between Maria and Sydney, the latter who insisted the conflict was affecting her “health”.

During a clip, we see Sydney’s friend Lea smirk as Maria stands outside crying and tells producers she wants to go home. As far as Lea is concerned, Maria is just a “drama queen cry-baby.”

Maria walks away from the group’s Malta home in tears. “I just want to go home,” she said. “I hate this. I don’t care. Give someone else my rose. I’ll tell Joey right now. I’m leaving.”

Does Maria say ‘shut the f*** up’?

Maria denies saying “shut the f*** up” but her co-star Sydney is adamant she did. Sydney said she was being “tortured,” and later, once they went for a date with Joey, said she spent the day with the “devil”.

Maria, meanwhile, called Sydney a “vampire” for draining her energy. After a very unpleasant boat ride, the three pulled up to a dock where, sure enough, only one rose sat on a table.

Sydney said Maria had told her friend, Lea Cayanan, to “shut the f*** up,” and Maria denied it. Joey then went with his gut and chose Maria, before serenading her with a performance of Ave Maria.

Spoilers: Maria’s fate after Bachelor drama

Lea Cayanan was upset to see Sydney go, and accused Madina Alam of “switch[ing] up” and being kind to Maria, before later telling Joey she was “shocked” that Sydney went home.

Reality Steve writes that Maria Georgas doesn’t leave The Bachelor at this stage and gets a Pretty Woman date (the one where a contestant gets to go on a shopping spree), so it looks like she stays on course.

After that, Maria reportedly makes it to Hometowns with Joey. However, Reality Steve writes that she is eliminated before Fantasy Suites in Tulum, Mexico — so she doesn’t go on to win the final rose.


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