Telegram Introduces Reaction Stickers, Music in Stories, Other Features

The tales feature of Telegram was first made available to premium members in July before being made available to all users in August.

Users may now add music and reaction stickers to the stories thanks to new enhancements the firm has made to the feature. In addition, users can instantly send and share media in the changeable view-once mode. It is now possible to post tales to channels on Telegram. They require boots from their customers in order to do this.

Telegram opened out access to its Stories feature to all users in August. Users can post tales for 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours, and it functions similarly to Instagram tales. The social media site now allows users to upload stories to Telegram Channels.

But in order to accomplish so, they will need a boost from Premium users. Each user will receive one boost from Telegram Premium, which they can give to any channel. The channels will advance to higher levels as they receive boosts. Each level increases the number of stories that channel admins can upload each day. Users can still choose which Channels they want to view content on. Channel Info > More > Statistics > Boosts is where channels may find out how many boosts they need to level up.

The ability to add music and reaction stickers to the stories is another addition. Reaction stickers can be posted by users and channels, and viewers can tap them to respond.

Users can select any emoji from the available possibilities by clicking on the icon in the sticker panel and adding a reaction sticker. Other users will only be permitted to add one reaction sticker per story, however Premium users may add up to five reaction stickers per story. By selecting Audio > Select File > Adjust the Track from the menu, users can add music to their stories. They have the option of keeping the original soundtrack as well.

Users can send media on Telegram using the view-once mode, just like on WhatsApp and Instagram. Users can choose between a 30-second display mode and a view-once setting. When in view-once mode, the viewer cannot save or screenshot the media file because doing so will result in its irreversible deletion.

Last but not least, whenever a user logs in from a new device, Telegram will send them a login notice. By heading to Settings > Devices, they may also examine all the devices on which they are currently logged in. Users can enable two-step verification for an additional security layer. They must navigate to Settings > Privacy & Security > Two-Step Verification in order to achieve this.

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