SIM boxing: Scam on Buhari’s daughter unmasks dark industry

Like every doting parent, Muhammadu Buhari, former President of Nigeria, was looking forward to the call with his daughter on a certain day. But he got more than he bargained for and set off alarms that unmasked an industry he never knew existed and has been causing a drain on the revenue of telecom operators.

The call that came was from his daughter who was away schooling at a London university, but the number Buhari was seeing was a Nigerian number the daughter had used before but had abandoned.

How was it possible that his daughter who was in London could be using a Nigerian mobile network line to call her father? After he confirmed from her that she was indeed in London and was using her London phone line to make the call, the then President knew something was fishy. He called his security detail to look into the matter. That order led to a telecom industry-wide investigation that came face-to-face with the dark world of SIM boxing.