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Sheree Whitfield's 'new look' has RHOA fans convinced she's had a nose job

Sheree Whitfield’s ‘nose job’ rumors are still flying as RHOA fans are convinced she’s got a new look. Fans are now asking if Sheree got a nose job done on her face, but she actually addressed the speculation during an interview on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live. So, did Sheree get a nose job?

Since The Real Housewives of Atlanta came back on Bravo, there’s one cast member distracting viewers with what appears to be a new look. Sheree Whitfield has fans convinced she underwent a nose job. The speculation is still continuing despite the reality TV star addressing the rumors with Andy Cohen.

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Sheree Whitfield ‘nose job’ rumors

Sheree is facing nose job rumors but has actually confirmed getting any surgery, as of June 11, 2023. During an interview on WWHL, Andy addressed the rumors and asked her: “Tell me if something’s different about you, Shereé.”

Andy added: “What am I looking at? Have you had a little tune-up? Lips? Anything?” She responded to his question, “No. Same lips. I mean, I have had lips [done] before, but nothing [recently].”

Despite shutting down the rumors, RHOA fans are convinced she’s had something done to her face as they believe she looks different in recent months. Her co-star Kandi Burruss even said, “I see some fakeness going on right here!”

RHOA fans discuss her ‘new look’

Many fans are discussing Sheree’s rumored new look. One fan said on Twitter: “Sheree really just made herself look plain with this nose job……her original nose was so uniquely beautiful and fit her face #RHOA.”

Another penned: “Oh Sheree what did you do to your nose??? #RHOA.”

“I need to know the breakdown of what Sheree did to her face. Is it a nose job & cheekbones? Is it a nose job & chin implant? It’s definitely not fillers though so she better not say that. #RHOA,” asked a fellow viewer.

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Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage

Some fans think it’s her make-up

Although the majority are convinced Sheree underwent a nose job, others are backing her statement that she hasn’t had anything done. Some are pointing to the star having a talented make-up artist.

A fan said: “Sheree’s nose on this episode is a makeup trick or cause I’m lost!! #rhoa.”

While a follower wrote on Instagram: “Whoever is doing your make-up hands are blessed by God!!!”

“Watching the latest episode of RHOA, did Sheree get some work done to her face or is the makeup,” reacted a fan.


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