Ron DeSantis amps up attacks on Trump

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Ron DeSantis’ “missing in action” broadside at Donald Trump at the second GOP debate didn’t come out of nowhere. And the Florida governor has kept up the heat on the former president since.

Four months into his presidential campaign, DeSantis is going on the attack against Trump on the campaign trail as the significant polling gap between the top two candidates remains static. The decision to take on the favorite from the debate stage was the biggest forum yet for these attacks, but it was also just another milestone in an evolving war of words with Trump.

Coming off the debate stage in California, DeSantis has been more frequent and pointed in his criticisms of Trump than ever. Asked by a supporter in the audience during a campaign event in Tampa whether he could fill arenas like Trump, DeSantis said that Americans “were voting against Trump” in 2020 and that he continues to be a major motivating factor for Democratic voters.

“You could have John Kennedy walk through the door right now and he wouldn’t energize Democrats as much as Donald Trump does,” DeSantis posited.