Robert F. Kennedy is headed for a breakup with the Democratic Party

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appears headed for a breakup with the party his family defined for generations, teasing that he’s preparing to ditch the Democrats in a “historic” announcement Monday in which he is expected to launch an independent presidential campaign against President Joe Biden. 

The split is mutual, though hardly amicable.

His campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, which started in April, evolved from an annoyance for party leaders to a full-frontal assault on them; he now claims Democratic officials are conspiring to “rig” the primaries against him, citing his familiar blend of half-truths and outright fabrications.

Kennedy’s conspiracy theorizing and association with fringe figures like Alex Jones have long made him something of a black sheep in his family, which otherwise remains true blue. And his impending self-exile puts him less in Camelot than in the camp of former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, who left the Democratic Party after she claimed nefarious forces stunted her own presidential bid in 2020. (Kennedy has suggested she could be his secretary of state.)