RMRDC Staff Fight DG ‘Seeking’ 3rd Term Amid Allegations Of Indiscriminate Promotions, Financial Recklessness

An open rebellion is brewing at the Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC) as the council’s Director-General, Prof. Ibrahim Hussaini Doko, unlawfully pushes for a third term in office amid allegations of nepotism and financial recklessness.

Sources within the RMRDC who confided in THE WHISTLER said Doko has used unethical tactics to maintain his grip on the organisation for the past 11 years.

These include alleged “divide and rule” strategy, indiscriminate promotion of his cronies within the RMRDC, and bribing of federal lawmakers to prevent a probe of his leadership.

THE WHISTLER was informed of how new employees regularly show up at the RMRDC with employment letters without due process as Doko is also accused of engaging in job racketeering.