PNC Breaks-Up, As Executives Form New Party

In a shocking turn of events, a group of executives from the People’s National Convention (PNC) have announced their decision to breakaway and form a new party called the People’s National Party (PNP), similar to the Hilla Limann led PNP in 1979.

This development comes in response to a high court ruling that reinstated individuals who were previously dismissed from leadership positions due to allegations of financial malfeasance and misconduct.

In a statement released by the breakaway group, they expressed their disagreement with the court’s decision. They emphasized their commitment to upholding integrity and credibility within their party, citing the legacy of their founder, Dr. Hilla Limann, as one of sacrifice without blemish. The group argues that individuals lacking integrity should not have the opportunity to govern their party, especially as the 2024 elections approach.