Oshodi bus terminal decaying, motorists, passengers lament

cd oshodi bus terminal

Commercial drivers and passengers using the multi-million naira Oshodi Bus Terminal I in Lagos State have lamented the poor condition of the infrastructure in the facility.

The Oshodi Bus Terminal, located between the Lagos-Apapa Expressway and the Agege Motor Road, started operation in May 2019.

It is divided into three – Terminals 1, 2, and 3 with Terminal 1 for interstate transportation, designed for destinations spanning the South West, South East, Abuja, and Northern states.

Each of the bus terminals has a lot of facilities which include loading bays, ticketing stands, driver lounges, parking areas, restrooms, and many others.

The terminal, which was constructed by a construction firm, Planet Projects Limited, was estimated to cost about $70m.

When visited the terminal on Tuesday, it was observed that some of the facilities were in deplorable states with damaged pipes, dirty toilets, and a littered environment.

 Passengers and motorists who spoke with our correspondent claimed that the private agency in charge of maintaining the facilities of the terminal neglected some of the basic needs of the terminal.

 A driver, Friday Obara, said the surroundings, including the restroom, always stink and the environment was unhealthy for drivers and passengers.

Obara said, “The problems we have here are the infrastructure such as the toilet, broken pipes, filthy environment and littered drainages.

“The toilet is horrible. I can never dare to use it, even passengers complain. There are days that the pipe connecting the toilet gets damaged and everywhere starts smelling.

“The only thing they are interested in is money. They collect money from drivers and they also collect money from traders despite that traders have their designated spots to sell goods.”

Another driver identified as Solomon said passengers and drivers had been avoiding using the restroom to prevent infection.

He said, “The environment and the toilet are dirty. Both men and women are advised to use the restroom because of infection.

“I can never use the toilet despite the fact I am a worker here. Anything that will make me have stomach upset is better avoided because I don’t want to use the toilet here.

“The maintenance policy here is bad. They do not maintain the environment but they collect money. The corners of the terminal are filled with urine, faeces, and solid waste.”

A passenger identified as Oluwasegun also lamented the state of infrastructure in the terminal, while seeking government intervention.

He said, “The environment is littered and I do not think the government is doing a great job in maintaining the environment.

“Although the bus terminal is a great idea, they need to maintain this place so it is fit for passengers to use.

“I strongly advise the government to establish a cleaning agency to maintain the environment and also an agency that will help monitor the environment.”

When contacted, the Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Ministry of Transportation, Abdulhafiz Toriola, said, “We have a private facility manager, and we always monitor and inform them of our observation. It is a continuous effort and we will do that again. The poor infrastructure will be fixed, we will contact the private facility manager for that.”