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No 'one-on-one time' for Kris Jenner's grandkids but lavish Easter parties are a hard yes

If there’s one thing the Kardashian-Jenner family is good at it’s celebrating the holidays. Year-round, the famous family pulls out all the stops when it comes to Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more big bashes. This Easter, Kris Jenner proves she spends time with her grandkids after coming under fire earlier in the year for “not making much effort as a grandma.”

Despite formerly having a reality TV show of the same name, keeping up with the Kardashians may actually be quite hard for Kris Jenner given she has six kids and 13 grandchildren. The rumors of her “not being close” to her family can officially be dispelled as Kris shows she’s spending quality time this Spring.

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Kris faced criticism

This March, Kris faced backlash from fans for comments she made about spending “one-on-one time” with her grandchildren.

Speaking at the Los Angeles Magazine’s The LA Woman Luncheon, Kris said: “I often say to myself that I really should be the kind of grandmother that takes my grandchild to dinner, like once a month…”

But, she added how, time-wise, it wasn’t possible for her because she has so many: “Like really get to know your grandchild and see what’s happening in school and all this stuff. And I thought if I did that, that would take half a month, just to go out to dinner with my grandkids.”

Some people took to a Reddit thread to comment on Kris’ remarks, writing: “So spend meaningful 1:1 time with each of them once every like 3-6 months instead? I don’t see how that’s an excuse.”

Lovey proves she’s spending time

Any talk of Kris not spending a lot time with her family can be officially shut down as she and Kim Kardashian share posts to Instagram of the exact opposite.

Taking to the ‘gram this April, Kim shared a photo of Kris sitting with her grandsons Tatum Thompson and Saint West.

Kris’ own IG post also sees her hanging out with the girls on Easter Weekend as she smiles alongside three of her granddaughters.

Family makes ‘the best memories’

Although Kris explained how she can’t exactly spend one-on-one time with her grandkids, she’s clearly celebrating the Easter period with the whole gang.

Many friends and followers take to the comments to say: “Beautiful memories being made right there.”

Kourtney Kardashian also wrote on Kris’ post: “The best memories.”


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