Meta study says it hosted a forum that shifted opinion on AI, and that it's planning more

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Meta says that participants in a forum it hosted on artificial intelligence came away with a more positive opinion of AI’s potential impact, and that it intends to hold more such forums.

The announcement was part of a study published by Meta and Stanford University on a forum in which participants received information about AI from “experts, academics and other stakeholders” and discussed AI chatbot policy proposals.

Results from the October 2023 Meta Community Forum presented by Stanford’s Deliberative Democracy Lab showed that 49.8% of 393 American participants, a slight minority, thought AI had “a positive impact.” After participating in the forum, 54.4% of participants thought AI had a positive impact: 4.6% more than before the forum began.

The forum also included participants from Brazil, Germany and Spain. Participants from the other countries came into the forum with a larger majority already having strong positive feelings toward AI, which only increased during the forum. Slightly more participants from other countries had already used ChatGPT or similar chatbots than participating Americans.