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MAFS UK star's absence sparks fears over marriage's future after wife eats alone

As many of the Married At First Sight UK couples are forming solid bonds on the all-new season, one of the show’s participants rocked up to two episodes alone in 2023. Now, fans are worried where Arthur Poremba from MAFS UK is following his absence.

When Laura Vaughan signed up for Married At First Sight, she made it no secret that she was looking for a “Chelsea Boy.” However, in true MAFS style, she was matched with Arthur, who lives in London but has roots in Poland. Before his disappearance from the E4 show, Arthur and Laura seemed to be getting on well. But, she had to face group drama on her own during episodes 10 and 11.

Credit: CPL / Channel 4

Where is Arthur MAFS UK?

Married At First Sight UK series 8 episode 10 saw Laura attend the group dinner party alone.

She explained Arthur’s absence at the event and joked that she “hadn’t killed him.”

The reason for Laura’s partner being away from the screen was due to illness.

Laura said: “He’s just very poorly so he’s starting in bed.”

Arthur ‘gutted’ he wasn’t with Laura

Not only was Arthur absent from episode 10, but he also didn’t appear in episode 11.

Laura attended the Commitment Ceremony alone after dealing with group drama at the dinner party.

The reality TV star addressed comments about her being a “gold digger,” and broke down in tears in front of the experts and her co-stars.

Taking to Instagram Stories on October 4, Arthur shared a snap of Laura from the episode and wrote: “Face of a woman who had to defend herself on her own, gutted I wasn’t next to you… well done.”

Responding to concerned fans on Laura’s Instagram page, Arthur also confirmed that he’s fine: “I’m much better thank you, that was about 4 months ago.”

MAFS star sends a letter

Each week on MAFS, the couples have to reveal whether they’re going to stay in the experiment or go home.

Given that Arthur wasn’t there with Laura to make his decision, Mel Schilling read out a letter the 34-year-old sent in his absence.

Both Arthur and Laura said they wanted to remain in their marriage but the letter sparked some jokes among the MAFS stars and online.

One person tweeted: “Not sure that letter from Arthur was proof of life.”

More had questions about Arthur’s choice of communication: “Arthur can’t send us a video message… what’s he sick with?”

Ella Morgan joked on the show that she hoped Arthur hadn’t got the letter off the internet in episode 11.


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