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Love Island star faces criticism for 'leaving' his kids to enter the villa again

The mums of Luis Morrison’s two babies have ‘spoken out’ after his appearance on Love Island All Stars. The Series 1 contender entered the villa nine years after his original stint, saying he was a “proud dad” to his two kids.

The ITV show is back with 12 of our favorite Love Island stars from the past 10 seasons. The drama is already serving, as they wasted no time, bringing fresh exes Callum and Molly from season 6 back within the first episode. If this is the way the new series is going to go down, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

Credit: ITV/Love Island

Love Island’s Luis has two babies with different mums

Luis did find love during his first stint in the villa, but unfortunately, it didn’t last. He left in fourth place along with his then-girlfriend, Cally Jane Beech.

The pair continued to date for two years, even giving birth to a daughter, Vienna. Unfortunately, the couple split when their daughter, now 6, was just 10 weeks old.

After splitting up with Cally, the ex-footballer went on to have a few more ‘famous relationships’ including influencer, Chloe Elizabeth, who he shares his second child with.

The couple went public with their relationship in July 2020, and welcomed their son Romeo in October 2021. However, the pair went their separate ways when Romeo was nine months old.

Chloe and Cally ‘react’ to proud dad comment

It looked like the ‘proud dad’ statement didn’t go down well with Luis’ exes as they took to their Instagram to ‘indirectly’ respond.

Chloe posted a selfie of herself to her stories captioned: “I mean,” before a picture of herself and Romeo which she captioned: “An actual proud parent.”

Cally on the other hand simply posted a blank page with a thinking emoji, which fans suspected to also be in response to the comment.

Luis ‘didn’t tell’ his kids he was going on Love Island

The 29-year-old previously faced criticism about ‘leaving’ his kids for the villa, before he entered, which he addressed in a recent interview.

“I think it could be hard but they’ve obviously got their mums there looking after them, and they’re great mums,” he told The Sun.

On the criticism about leaving them for the show he simply told the publication there was “not really much to say about it really.”

He also told the publication he told the tots he was “going on holiday” for a bit, as he “wasn’t allowed” to mention his stint on the show.

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