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Love is Blind's birth control situation 'proves men need more lessons in the bedroom'

The way Johnny Manziel reacted to Amy not being on birth control on Love Is Blind season 6 has caused quite the scene. The way he assumed she was on contraception was absolutely mind-blowing.

We do have to give it to Love is Blind‘s Johnny, as he was sensible enough to think about his future with Amy, as well as their finances. However, the assumption is proof men need more bedroom education.

Credit: Love is Blind/Netflix 2024

Johnny shocked by Amy not being on birth control

Johnny and Amy had been sexually intimate with each other and it was revealed Amy was not on birth control during Love is Blind. He even admitted he thought every woman was on birth control.

He told co-star Laura Dadisman he and Amy were “taking it slow” due to the fact she wasn’t using contraception, as though birth control is the only method to prevent pregnancy.

“Like, I want kids, but not right now,” Johnny explained. “When she was like, ‘I’m not on birth control,’ it’s like, well, if any small thing happens, we could have a little Amy or a little John Jr. running around.”

He admits his assumption was ‘ignorant’

We’ve got to give Johnny some credit, though. He admitted his assumption all women are on birth control was “ignorant” but, let’s face it, he was just being careful about his future with Amy.

He said how “every girl” he’d ever dated would always “complain” about birth control. Yet of course, there was the option of using protection, which Johnny didn’t seem to think existed.

“I feel like using protection, like, that’s not enough for him,” Amy told cameras. She even suggested the idea of a vasectomy to Johnny, before they agreed they needed to do more “research” on the topic.

Why men need bedroom lessons

Love is Blind viewers were baffled over Johnny’s assumption, who is just one of many men who likely have the same assumptions. He admitted he was “uninformed” about birth control in a US Weekly interview.

“Me really not knowing a lot about birth control, contraceptives, things of that nature, made it difficult to really have a good conversation right away because I was uninformed,” he revealed.

Yet, he’s not the only one who must assume this about women. His situation proves men sometimes have no idea how women work, almost giving the impression that it’s a given we should be on birth control.

It wouldn’t hurt a man entering the dating world to do background research, such as the fact time of the month plays a huge role in fertility, or the idea some women choose not to be on birth control.


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