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Love is Blind star admits his former engagement 'wasn't a secret' as 'ex-fiancé' spills tea

Love is Blind star Jeramey was hit with rumors he was engaged before the show’s season 6 began filming. He’s since hit back at claims after his alleged ex-fiancé revealed they were ‘living together’.

If there’s any Netflix series that brings major drama, it’s Love is Blind. Jeramey, who proposed to Laura but then sauntered off until the early hours with Sarah Ann, is being called out by his supposed ex.

Credit: Love is Blind/Netflix 2024

Love is Blind’s Jeramey was engaged before show

Jeramey has responded to claims he was engaged before Love is Blind, admitting he was. He said, “Anybody who I was on dates with, my cast mates, and in multiple interviews, this topic was discussed.”

“Nobody is surprised by this. It was something that was well documented. Unfortunately not all of the footage captured makes it into the final cut,” he told cameras. It comes after his ‘ex’ warned Laura.

A woman named Brittani Mcliverty has revealed she and Jeramey were living together and engaged to be married right before the show. She asked if he’d “ever told her about his ex-fiancé from right before her”.

‘Ex-fiancé’ warns Laura about Jeramey

Jeramey’s alleged ex-fiancé is coming clean about his history. Commenting on Laura’s Instagram post, Brittani said, “Did he ever tell you about his ex-fiancé[e] from right before you? Surely not…”

She added, “Or the house WE sold a week or two before he filmed for this show? Just want all the info out there. You and Sarah Ann should know. I’m happy to share proof.”

Brittani’s bio states she lives across Charlotte, North Carolina and New York City and is “Kingston’s mommy”. Two years ago, she shared a picture of her and Jeramey smiling in a cosy selfie.

Posted by Brittani McLiverty on Sunday, February 27, 2022

Jeramey claims he was living alone

He said, “I did not apply for this while I was living with anybody else. I was out living on my own. I was actually reached out to [by the casting team] over Instagram and I’ll add that message into the next slide.”

“I’d been on my own for a number of weeks at that point,” Jeramey revealed. “This whole process had not even begun until I was out and on my own. Additionally, yes my home sold a week or two before filming.”

“Listed in October or November, sold in March. Wasn’t living in it while it was listed. Idk if anyone else was trying to sell a place at that time, but it was not a short process,” adding that it’s the last he’ll speak on it.


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