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Kylie Jenner Bratz doll collab 'leaked' as fans slam 'bootleg design'

Kylie Jenner x Bratz dolls are the latest iconic celebrity collaboration. We’ve got all the details on the reported cost, how to collect the seven red carpet and paparazzi-inspired dolls, and where to buy them from. Fans have already started to react to the packaging, with many labeling them as ‘cheap’…

The Kardashians star has been working hard as she gets recognition for her fashion looks. It’s not just Kylie’s sisters like Kim Kardashian who get to work with huge brands like Dolce & Gabbana. Now, Kylie Jenner is putting her signature touches on the doll industry and even included her dog, Norman, in the mix.

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Kylie Jenner x Bratz

The Kylie Jenner x Bratz collection features seven capsules of the star’s red carpet and paparazzi looks. Each capsule comes with a mini Kylie x Bratz doll and accessory with two versions of the packaging due to release.

Rumors online speculate there was a re-design of the packaging after a photo leaked on Reddit and fans slammed the final look. However, a source says this isn’t true. August 1st is when the products are expected to be announced.

Due to the long process of designing and manufacturing a product and its packaging, and with the Bratz doll set to drop in a matter of days, a re-design is almost impossible to complete in such a short time span. So this is just a rumor.

Unexpected detail – Kylie’s dog

Each capsule comes with an accessory, including either a cruiser in one of three colors, Kylie’s dog Norman, a lip phone in 1 of 3 colors, velvet rope, or a cap to go with Kylie’s Met Gala 2022 look.

According to leaked reports, a capsule retails for $9.99 USD for the Kylie x Bratz Minis, with full-sized Bratz dolls of Kylie Jenner coming soon. On July 24, it was teased the regular-sized Kylie x Bratz Day and Night dolls will both retail for $29.99 USD each.

The mini dolls lineup is starting to pop up in Target stores in the United States. Keep an eye out if you’re hoping to get your hands on a mini or full-size doll – sneak peek below! As the full launch is expected to be announced next week, it’s likely more stores will stock them, but for now we have to wait to find out who else is on the list.

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Doll collab ‘leaked’ as fans slam design

A product leak seemingly appeared on the shelves at Target in San Antonio, Texas, a Reddit thread revealed. Reports say the launch is August 1 and fans who saw them were concerned about how they looked.

Fans slammed the “cheap” packaging shared online, on a Bratz fan page. The packaging found recently is believed to be the Getting Ready packaging which will hit stores first, while the Final Look packaging will hit stores soon after. But it’s likely there’s instead two designs excited fans can get the hands on instead, as the idea of a re-design has been branded false by a source.

Some Bratz doll lovers thought the packaging was “cute” but others were just shocked at the brand not choosing other celebrities, like Nicki Minaj or Rihanna. The Mini Kylie x Bratz Getting Ready display confirms that Kylie is the Bratz celebrity doll.


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