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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's PDA is screaming the 'worst kiss ever'

Kourtney Kardashian arrived at the Emmys with husband Travis Barker for their first public outing since welcoming their baby boy, Rocky. As expected, they got tongues wagging on the red carpet…

Everyone and their dog knows Kourtney Kardashian and her husband have no problems with PDA. Travis Barker practically shoved his tongue in his wife’s mouth on the Emmys red carpet, which has basically become their signature move at this point. Fans are yawning at the ‘overdone’ pose.

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Kourtney Kardashian puts on Emmys show

Kourtney didn’t just arrive at the Emmys to support her husband, but she put on a literal show. As always, the pair were more loved-up than ever, and kept going in for smooches on the red carpet.

She wore a slicked-back hair look to go with her black pantsuit, matching her new baby dad’s outfit. The two were never seen without holding hands or at least each other’s waists – or mouths!

Travis put on a performance at the Emmys, which explains why the couple were there in the first place. Many were confused about their appearance until they found out he’d be playing a drum set.

Travis Barker whips out signature move

Travis made it no secret to kiss his wife. In close-up videos, the Blink 182 drummer played tonsil tennis and put his tongue in Kourtney’s mouth, who smiled and bit it before settling for just a kiss.

She then wiped his lips with her gloved hand, before they posed for pictures. Travis held his hand on her shoulder, to which it appears Kourtney laughed and told him he was leaning on her hair.

Kourtney also got her tongue wagging before watching her husband help host Anthony Anderson’s sprightly seven-minute monologue, guesting on drums for a cover of Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight.

Kardashian fans say PDA is ‘overdone’

As if Kourtney and Travis’ previous kissing moments weren’t enough, they only had to whip it back out for the Emmy’s red carpet. Fans are simply done with the constant PDA, but they don’t seem to care.

One wrote, “It looked like he was trying to eat her face,” while another penned: “Two 7th graders kiss for the first time…” A fellow social media account reacted, “He looked like a bird feeding her chick.”

“Looks like they were competing for a worst kiss ever competition, why was his mouth so open going in?!” commented a Twitter user. So it’s clear to say most were kind of grossed out by the kissing.

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