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Kim Kardashian feared bikini pic would 'get her in trouble with the White House'

It’s safe to say that Kim Kardashian’s bikini pics are turning heads all over the internet. But, it turns out that the mom of four wasn’t always totally comfortable posting snaps of her swimwear-clad body online, especially when it came to branching out into different fields in her career including business and law.

After reaching billionaire status and having huge success with multiple brands, Kim made it onto the list of the ‘100 Most Powerful Women’, as well as the front cover of Fortune magazine in 2023. The Hulu star is ticking things off her bucket list all the time, with a recent trip to Harvard being another of them.

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Kim Kardashian’s bikini pics are part of who she is

The Kardashians’ new season sees Kim Kardashian talking about being her authentic self during a visit to Harvard Business School.

Speaking to students, Kim explained that she experienced inner conflict over her bikini pics at one time.

However, she decided that her swimwear posts were a good thing for potential customers. She explained that her page isn’t just filled with criminal justice reform content.

The reality TV star added: “A customer that might just be there to look at my makeup or my bikini pic and then they happen to fall into the story and they happen to change their heart about something they stumble across on my page.”

Kim and Khloe Kardashian look across at chef while at holiday home with beach backdrop
Photo by: Hulu

Kim’s Harvard guest talk

During The Kardashians season 4 episode 2, Kim heads to Harvard Business School to do a guest speech.

After Kim’s talk, she took questions from some students at the school and one of them said that the Kardashians star inspired her to be able to be “glam” as well as a serious businessman.

The student added some analysis of Kim’s brand, SKIMS: “You’ve kind of taken ownership of this category that was supposed to be shameful and now it’s something that can be celebrated.”

Kardashians star had a ‘defining moment’

In response to a student’s question, Kim revealed that there was a defining moment in her life related to feeling “shame.”

She said she went to The White House and had just posted a bikini photo ahead of her arrival.

Kim said: “I was like oh sh** are they going to look at my Instagram and think I’m so inappropriate but then I was like when is being me going to be ok? Because that is what I wanted to do.”

The 42-year-old added that she felt “shameful” over the bikini pics but thought that she wanted to be herself as well as respected in the business and law worlds.

However, after asking someone at The White House, Kim was told that it didn’t matter about her bikini pics and the star is still respected in the business world.


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