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‘Jeopardy!’ fans give the show some lip after contestant shows fans his tongue

A Jeopardy! contestant’s odd talent turned plenty of heads on Tuesday and left many viewers feeling put off by the moment.

During the meet-the-contestants portion of the show, host Ken Jennings introduced Julie Sisson from Everett, Washington, who carries around a Scrabble piece with her grandmother’s initial, L, as a good luck charm. Then the host turned his attention to Andrew Knowles, a psychologist resident from Portland, Oregon, who, according to Jennings’ note card, has a really long tongue.

“Yeah, so I figured out at a young age I have a long tongue, and the whole nose-to-tongue thing was easy,” Knowles said, referring to those who have the ability to touch their sniffer with their taster. “And then one day I heard that, you know, touching your elbow, or licking your elbow basically, is impossible. And I tried it, and I was able to do it.”