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‘I’ll never allow this nonsense’ − Gayton McKenzie on councillor allegedly ‘trying to stop EFF Town Hall rally’

Patriotic Alliance (PA) leader Gayton McKenzie has issued a stern warning to any member who tries to prevent political gatherings by other parties.

This after a PA councillor was accused of allegedly trying to stop an EFF Town Hall manifesto rally from taking place.

Members of the PA and EFF were seen in a heated confrontation near the rally‘s venue in Eldorado Park, south of Joburg on Wednesday.

Watch the alleged confrontation below:

Responding to questions about the video, McKenzie said he would never allow such “nonsense” from party members.

He promised to investigate the matter.

The PA was not trying to disrupt the meeting

However, councillor Juwairiya Kaldine told The Citizen that she and other party members were not trying to block the EFF’s meeting, as alleged.

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“I was not even wearing party regalia. I was simply in my office, which is close to the venue. Patriotic Alliance members were visiting the office to deliver posters when they were stopped from coming into the facility because they were in a PA-branded vehicle.

“The leaders called me to say they could not enter the premises, so I came out of the office to find out what the commotion was about. EFF members claimed the PA was trying to disrupt their gathering, which is not true.”

Kaldine said that other members of the EFF later came to apologise over the incident.

A call with Gayton

Kaldine later received a phone call from McKenzie who said members should not stop other parties from gathering.

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“I told him I understand this is a PA-led ward and that we cannot stop other parties from campaigning. He accepted my explanation.”

The Citizen has reached out to the PA for further comment. Any update will be included once received.