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‘I didn’t get the buzz cut for sake of attention’: David Beckham reflects on his iconic hair moment in new Netflix documentary

As per PEOPLE, David Beckham shared a few insights into a substantial moment in his lifestyle when he determined to get a buzz cut in the year 2000. In a Netflix documentary collection about his lifestyle, “I had a hairdresser at the time called Tyler. I said to him, ‘I’m gonna cut my hair’ and he was like, ‘Are you sure? You really want to do that?’ ”

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David Beckham’s iconic haircut

Interestingly, his decision to head for the buzz cut additionally raised a few eyebrows backstage. His teacher at Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, faced him about it simply earlier than a match against Leicester City in March 2000. Ferguson informed Beckham to take off his cap, however, Beckham refused. Despite the attention it garnered, “I never did it to create attention. I’m not that person.”, He clarified that

However, even though he didn’t try to find attention, his buzz reduction has become a sensation inside the UK. Fans eagerly lined up for his autograph simply to catch a glimpse of his new coiffure. “When David Beckham shaved his head, I honestly thought a member of my family had died. Because my phone went off. The panic in people’s voices that this… We haven’t got it documented yet.”

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David’s haircut became a pop culture sensation within the UK

The buzz has become a significant pop culture second within the UK, with many men and even young fanatics meaning to emulate Beckham’s new look. Schools even had to address this fashion by means of prohibiting students from shaving their heads.

In the documentary series, Victoria Beckham, David’s wife, contemplated on the importance of the haircut in his lifestyle. She saw it as he transitioned from being a boy to a man, and he or she humorously alluded to the idea that it’s natural for kids to rebel against their mother and father, which includes Sir Alex, who played a full-size role in David’s existence.

This documentary collection is a comprehensive look into the lifestyles of the mythical athlete, divided into 4 parts, and presents interviews with his dad and mom, former teammates, and Sir Alex Ferguson. It’s a glimpse into the fantastic adventure of a person who changed into willing to proportion his story with the sector before a person else could tell it.

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