GTC bans noisemaking in Ga State May 6–June 6

The annual ban on drum­ming and noisemaking with­in the Ga State will begin from May 6 and ends on June 6, 2024, the Ga Traditional Council (GTC) announced at a news con­ference in Accra yesterday.

The month-long ban prohibits clapping of hands, placement of loudspeakers outside church premises and mosques, roadside evangelism, use of megaphones, and loud speakers as well as tambourines and other musical instruments both outside and indoors during the period.

The President of the Ga Damgbe Council, Nii Ayikoi Otoo, therefore, implored the general public to abide by the regulations to ensure peace, har­mony and security within the Ga Traditional Area.

The news conference was attended by the Ga Mantse, Nii Tackie Teiko Tsuru, Chief Executive Officer of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Mrs Elis­abeth Sackey, the Minister-desig­nate, Greater Accra, Daniel Titus Glover.

Also present were members of the GTC, queen mothers, para­mount chiefs, chief priests and priestesses, representatives of Municipal Chief Executives and religious leaders.

He said a taskforce, in collabo­ration with the Regional Security Council and various Metropoli­tan, Municipal, District Assem­blies, had been established to work with the Ghana Police Ser­vice and other Security agencies to monitor and ensure compli­ance with the ban and prosecute individuals who fail to comply.

On activities to commemorate this year’s Homowo Festival, Nii Otoo said this year’s festival would commence with ‘Shibaa’ (Cleansing the sacred farm) on April 29, and subsequently on May 6, the ‘Nmaa Dumo’ (ban on drumming and noisemaking) would be enacted.

He said June 13, 2024 would signify the ‘Odadaa’ (lifting of the ban on drumming and noise making).

The president of the Council stated that the period would be dedicated to fasting and prayers for favourable rainfall, abundant harvest, and blessing for the country and its people to contin­ue fostering peace, love, tranquili­ty and positivity.

The Nae Wulomo, Akwaah Mensah III, said those who vio­late the laws on the ban on drum­ming and noise making would be dealt with according.

He said any person or group of people who contravene the laws on the ban would have their items seized and be brought to the Council.

“Any person or group of people who have the items seized should approach the Council within 90 days for their sanctions, and if they fail to come within such period they would not get their items back,’’ he added.

He appealed to the public, es­pecially religious organisations, to obey the law, saying “Obedience is better than sacrifice”.


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