Google’s Gemini and Microsoft’s Copilot chatbot give fake Super Bowl stats

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Google’s Gemini chatbot (formerly Bard) have been found to state that the 2024 Super Bowl already happened, conjuring fictional statistics to back up its false claims.

A Reddit thread shows that Gemini is answering questions about Super Bowl LVIII as if the game wrapped up yesterday or weeks before, favouring the Chiefs over the 49ers.

Microsoft’s Copilot chatbot did the same, insisting that the game ended and provided erroneous citations to back up the claim. Unlike Gemini, Microsoft’s Chatbot favoured San Francisco, saying the 49ers, not the Chiefs, emerged victorious.

The lapses illustrates the major limitations of today’s GenAI. GenAI models have no real intelligence. They are just fed an enormous number of examples usually sourced from the public web.