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'Fierce' MTV star paid for late dad's heart surgery by taking part in tough show

The Challenge Home Turf is a new spin-off series airing from February 1. A far cry from what fans usually see on The Challenge, the Home Turf show features memorable stars of the show open up like never before. Viewers are invited to the stars’ hometowns where they reflect on their lives as Challenge competitors.

The MTV show has seen some contestants competing on The Challenge year after year. Chris ‘C.T.’ Tamburello had a 19-season run on the competition series. On February 12, Amanda Garcia let the cameras in for episode 3 of the show and talked about her reality TV experience.

The Challenge’s Amanda Garcia

MTV viewers first met Amanda Garcia in 2016 when she appeared on The Challenge: Rivals III.

She first rose to fame on Are You the One? season 3, a year earlier than her Challenge debut.

Nowadays, Amanda works at a prison as a nurse, a job she says is “super high adrenaline” and “fast-paced.”

Speaking on the show of the nature of her work, she said: “No guts, no glory, that’s what my dad used to say.”

She grew up in Colorado and said she “loved” living there in her younger years.

Amanda said she had a mom, dad, and brother growing up. But she “hasn’t spoken to her mom in 12 years.”

She did it for her dad

Home Turf sees Amanda explain how her dad was her “best friend.”

She said “growing up,” her father was “strict with her” and was “always there” for her.

During his life, Amanda said her dad “got sick,” and had diabetes.

The Home Turf episode takes fans back to the reality TV star’s Invasion of the Champions days in 2017. She explains how her dad had heart surgery.

She said: “Literally the weekend I came home from rivals, he had a stroke.

“He had heart surgery, strokes, amputations, it was just like a lot. So, I was really happy with the choice I made in my life to stay with my dad.”

She told Nelson Thomas she was on Invasion of the Champions for her father.

Admiring his co-star, Nelson said: “You spent that money on your dad, like mad respect. I don’t know much girls, your age, to take care of their father like that’s ready for that responsibility.”

Amanda said in a confessional: “My dad. has always done whatever he could do to give me and my brother the best life that we could have. That’s why its my turn to take care of him.”

Amanda’s father passed away

Taking to Instagram in 2022, Amanda shared her father had sadly passed away.

Posting a black and white photograph of her late father, Amanda wrote: “Rest In Peace to my rock, my hero forever I love you Dad.”

Fans took to the comments section to share their condolences, with one writing: “You took such great care of him while he was alive, I really admired your fierce loyalty and thoughtful consideration of him while you were on the Challenges and shared what motivated you.”

More commented on the likeness between Amanda’s son and her late dad: “Wow he looks exactly like your baby boy now, you see him through your son.”


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