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Fashion designer joining Real Housewives franchise devoted to 'self-improvement' religion

RHONY season 15 newbie is handbags designer Rebecca Minkoff, who is passionate about scientology. Rebecca identifies as a scientologist as a form of “self-improvement” that helps her “stay centred”.

When news broke that Rebecca Minkoff – known for her handbags – has been filming for The Real Housewives of New York City, the fandom went wild. The new star isn’t just a designer but a scientologist.

Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Wharton School’s Baker Retailing Center and Retail Leaders Circle

Rebecca Minkoff’s scientology religion

RHONY newbie Rebecca Minkoff identifies both as Jewish and a scientologist. She refers to the church as “more of a self-improvement philosophy,” as per The New York Times in 2021, adding, “I’m totally open.”

She also said, “But it’s not my job to proselytize.” The RHONY newbie revealed she studies and takes classes as a scientologist, saying, “That’s the extent of it, and it’s helped me stay centred.”

“When I needed someone, it was a place for me to go get some answers,” Rebecca, who has been studying scientology for more than 20 years, continued to add.

She identifies as Jewish in religion

Rebecca honors her beliefs with Judaism and scientology, “which the word itself means knowledge,” she said on the Dinner Party With Jeremy Fall podcast in October 2021, adding, “That’s all it means.”

“I’m Jewish so I have my beliefs with Judaism and God and I go to Scientology to learn knowledge,” she continued. “And that’s spiritual because I’m not working out my abs.”

“We’re just separating the body from the spirit. It has personally helped me from my own demons, my own things I’m not happy about myself,” Rebecca added in the interview.

RHONY season 15 star designs handbags

Rebecca Minkoff is mostly famous for designing handbags as part of her fashion brand. The American company was founded by Rebecca and her brother, Uri Minkoff, in 2005 in New York City.

The brand has retail stores in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Korea, and is distributed in over 900 stores worldwide. And it’s not just fashion she’s remembered for…

Rebecca has starred in a few movies, Leave Your Mark in 2019, The Mirror in 2005 and So Cosmo in 2017. She has been married to Gavin Bellour since June 5, 2009, who she has three children with.

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