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'Extremely single' basketball player joins deceptive Netflix show with cutest little pooch

Kyle Fuller is a basketball player joining The Circle season 6 with his cute little dog. Most players won’t reckon it’s really him, but the 31-year-old Miami resident seems to be keen for a new romance…

Ding! The Circle chat is now open. An “extremely single” basketball player on The Circle is getting ready to win over some fellow players, and it’s all for that huge $100K cash prize at the end.

Credit: Netflix/The Circle

Kyle Fuller joins The Circle season 6

Kyle Fuller is an “extremely single” basketball player hoping to win over The Circle season 6 influencers. The 32-year-old, originally from Compton, California, has played internationally for Paulistano.

He won the Novo Basquete Brasil title in the 2017 to 2018 season, and Corinthians. Kyle told USA Today how his late father told him he’s “not a quitter” and is “going to fight for everything he’s got”.

Kyle, pretending to be a basketball trainer rather than a player, has a tattoo as a tribute to his father on his arm. He’s proud of his athletic physique, mentioning on The Circle, “These abs will have to come out.”

Inside Kyle’s basketball career

Kyle is a former starter Vanderbilt guard who “hates losing more than he likes winning”. He’s a professional basketball player who fully committed to the sport after his father died.

The American basketball point guard for Club Atlético Aguada of the Liga Uruguaya de Básquetbol, he attended and played college basketball for Vanderbilt University for four seasons between 2010 to 2014.

His current team is Vanderbilt Commodores men’s basketball, playing as a number 11 point guard. On January 16, Fuller scored 22 points against Missouri, including eight in the final 65 seconds!

His pooch is just adorable

Kyle would only go on The Circle with his dog, Deuce, by his side. The “proud dog Dad” does everything with the pooch, from pushups to signing into the influencer chat on The Circle.

He calls Deuce his “little boy,” often giving him lettuce to munch on and even practising mini basketball with the furry pet. When the first alert came through on the Netflix show, the dog was super confused!

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