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Examining our most regrettable draft choices

This week’s Panic Meter is more an airing of grievances. We asked for your biggest draft day regrets and you, the fantasy community, generously indulged us. Today, in lieu of any useful fantasy advice, we offer a forum in which you may call out the draft decisions that continue to haunt you.

Waller was the most common answer by an outrageous margin. It was a blue wave, basically. Recency bias may have played a role, of course. Waller had just produced yet another 3-for-21 fantasy line on Monday night, in New York’s not-at-all-competitive home loss to Seattle. Waller hasn’t yet visited the end zone this season and, in three of his four games, he’s caught three passes for fewer than 40 yards. Not helpful.

Unfortunately, there are no obvious reasons to be optimistic if you’re a Giants fan, or tied to Waller in your fantasy life. Daniel Jones is currently averaging just 191.3 passing yards per game, he’s already exceeded his full-season interception total from 2022 and he’s been sacked a ridiculous 22 times. Also, Jones’ head coach is plainly disgusted with the QB’s decision-making. Tough scene.