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Every awkward moment Georgia Steel proved she's not 'loyal babe' in Love Island

Tom Clare and Georgia Steel’s history has sort of stolen Callum’s limelight on Love Island, and we’re not really here for it. She was persistent about being “loyal” on her first dating show debut…

Former scaffolder Callum Jones has only had eyes for Georgia Steel since the moment he first spoke to her. The Love Island couple had a cheeky escape to the hideaway – but she’s not being 100% truthful.

Credit: Love Island/ITV

Tom Clare and Georgia Steel’s history

Tom Clare and Georgia Steel’s history began after he split from Samie Elishi, who he left the villa with. He even drove to York for four hours with Georgia’s number on a piece of tissue, and no phone!

When Georgia entered Love Island Games, their romance came to an end, as she developed a spark with Toby Aromolaran. She then coupled up with Toby but called things off when he chatted to Molly Smith.

During Georgia and Tom’s first date in the All Stars villa, they confirmed things did get heated, when they talked about how “close they had got”. She even sat on his knee while Callum chilled on the balcony.

She secretly fancies Tom more

Georgia secretly whispered to Tom she fancies him. Following the Islanders’ game of truth or dare, Georgia S and Tom go for round two with their own private game of truth or dare around the firepit.

Pulling a ‘truth’ card, Tom asked: “Would you rather be with Callum or me?” But Love Island’s Georgia Steel said: “I think my impulse would be you because I think there’s a connection we share.”

Georgia S proceeds to whisper to Tom: “I fancy you the most.” And Callum isn’t stupid, because he’s already getting annoyed about how often the two end up chatting.

‘Got a good tea brewing’

After flirting with Tom, Georgia shared with Callum how she had told Tom she’d be open to chatting. However, she told Cal that she’d said, “I’ve got a good tea brewing,” which we never saw her say…

Georgia didn’t make it a secret that she likes Tom, even telling Cal the entire romantic story of his four-hour road trip to take her on a date. Cal jokily asked if he’d arrived on a horse and carriage.

Apparently, Georgia is happy with Cal

Things got hot and steamy between the two as they explore their connection in the ultimate romantic setting. Excited to be in the hideaway retreat, Georgia S says: “This is so good.”

She then said, “Do you know what Cal, I honestly wouldn’t want to be in here with anyone else.” Yet that moment Tom moved a bit of hair from Georgia’s face was basically endgame for her and Callum.

Tbf, Georgia was loyal to Josh

But, she wasn’t like this in season four. When Georgia waited as a singleton for Josh after the Casa Amor section of the show, he walked in holding hands with new girl Kazimir. She then told him, “I stood by you, Josh.”

Completely heartbroken, Georgia said: “I could have gone with my head and I went with my heart.” After Josh, Georgia went on a date with Jack Fowler – who also took part in Love Island Games.

Eventually, she coupled up with Sam Bird. In a shocking twist though, it was revealed that they were not able to continue their relationship in the villa so they both decided to leave as a couple.


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