Erisco Under Attack For Arresting ‘Nursing Mother’ Who Gave Negative Product Review

Nigerian tomato paste maker, Erisco Foods Ltd. that arrested a female customer for giving a negative review of its product, Nagiko Tomato Mix, has come under attack for their action as some customer threaten to boycott the brand.

On September 17 2023, Chioma Egodi shared a review of the tomato tin which she bought from the store and said “I decided to taste it. Sugar is just too much. “

But Erisco Foods said its attention has been “drawn to a Facebook post by one Chioma Egodi Jnr on September 17, 2023, alleging that Nagiko Tomato Mix, one of the three tomato paste variants of Erisco Foods Limited, contains an unhealthy amount of sugar and therefore not fit for human consumption.

“We will take all necessary actions against any malicious attack on our reputation.”