Chinese shopping app Temu and Microsoft’s AI chatbot top charts after Super Bowl ads

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Two relatively new apps, Temu and Microsoft’s Copilot, topped the download charts after their Super Bowl commercials aired Sunday in some of the most prized ad spots on television. 

Microsoft’s Copilot, an artificial intelligence chatbot, launched a year ago, and Temu, an e-commerce marketplace with staggeringly low prices, launched in September 2022.

On Apple’s App Store on Monday, the top three most downloaded free apps were Paramount+, Copilot and Temu. All three companies advertised during the Super Bowl, and Paramount+ was also used to stream the event, which contributed to its rise to the top of the chart. On Google Play, where Android users can download apps, Temu is the sixth most popular app.

Super Bowl commercials have historically held the potential for big impact for both well-known brands and emerging ones. Over the past few years, buzzy innovations like cryptocurrency (which dominated 2022 Super Bowl ads, only to almost disappear in 2023 and 2024 ads) have played a major role in the ad spending frenzy. In 2024, AI tools like Copilot and e-commerce giants like Temu took center stage.