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Bryson DeChambeau latest to call for golf reunification: ‘It needs to happen fast’

We’re going to start by explaining a comedy bit here, which is usually inadvisable, but you’ll see why in a moment. There’s a bit in the TV series “I Think You Should Leave” where a wienermobile crashes through a store wall. After the smoke clears, everyone in the store wonders what just happened … including a man in a suspiciously relevant hot dog costume .

It’s become a popular meme, and you’ve no doubt seen the man (series creator Tim Robinson) in his hot dog suit declaring, “We’re all trying to figure out who did this.” It’s useful X shorthand for whenever someone who caused havoc gripes about that same havoc.

Like, for instance, when a LIV Golf player bemoans the split that’s wracking the entire sport of men’s golf today.