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Brutal show that'll put stars to the ultimate test to survive is just days away

A new Netflix reality show by Studio Lambert, Surviving Paradise 2023’s release date is only around the corner. The makers of The Traitors and The Circle, are the creators behind the upcoming drama-filled series. Think Survivor and Big Brother, with a sprinkle of Love Island thrown in…

Surviving Paradise on Netflix features 12 contestants who were told they would be staying inside a luxurious villa to live it up for the summer. But little do they know they’ll be living in the freezing wilderness first before gaining access to luxury. When is the Studio Lambert production out?

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Surviving Paradise 2023 release date

Surviving Paradise 2023’s release date is Friday, October 20. The reality show by Studio Lambert is just days away, and we’ve already been treated to a show teaser revealing the series’ rules.

Cast member Lellies Santiago is hosting a premiere party in Brooklyn, New York, on launch night, while fellow star Copan Combs said: “All smiles and thumbs up for premiere week!!”

The reality show has been so successful for the cast members, such as Justin Assada, that he was able to quit his 9-to-5 job after filming. Many fans are comparing the show to the reality show Rise and Fall.

Netflix show created by Studio Lambert

Studio Lambert created Surviving Paradise and is the popular production company behind huge shows like The Traitors, The Circle, Four in a Bed, and Gogglebox.

The agency had previously advertised a casting call for ‘Jet Set’, a brand-new reality gameshow for a major streaming network and we are currently looking for contestants to take part.

It reads: “Contestants will be transported to a beautiful tropical location to live together and face a series of challenges and dilemmas, twists and turns as they compete for the chance to win a huge cash prize.”

Cast expected a fun summer holiday

The 12 contestants who signed up for Studio Lambert’s Surviving Paradise thought they were going on a casual summer reality show. However, they were stripped of their items and had their phones taken away.

They each had to spend time living in the wilderness. Shea Foster told Reality Titbit: “I didn’t sign up for this. I was a little distraught, I’d packed all my nice clothes and beachwear.”

He added: “Everything is just taken away. I thought it was fake, like a prank show. I thought, we’re not going to go all the way to this luxurious location, but then realized they were serious.”


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