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Botched doctors refuse surgery on influencer with 'pepperoni pizza' flesh-eating disease

Botched star Beatriz Amma is now raising awareness of skin disease after too many B-12 fat loss injections were put into her body at one time. However, the show’s doctors refused her surgery.

Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif were faced with a “heartbreaking” horror when influencer Beatriz revealed her body was eating itself alive. It comes after the Botched star had 60 fat-burning injections.

Beatriz Amma asks Botched for help

When Beatriz Amma was 23 years old, she spent $800 at a luxury spa to receive dozens of shots of vitamins B1 and C believed to burn fat. The influencer is now left with hundreds of scars all over her body.

Now 25, the former powerlifter says the experience, which sent her to hospital and left her with pus-filled “pepperoni pizza” spots all over her stomach and arms, “took her twenties from her”.

Beatriz is now on a mission to “get her body back” but the Botched doctors refused surgery due to the fact that she is on four different antibiotics actively fighting an infection.

B-12 injections in ‘fraudulent’ clinic

Beatriz underwent B-12 injections in a med spa, before she later found out they were “fraudulent” and using “contaminated” needles. “All of it’s fake, they don’t even have a medical director,” she told cameras.

“They don’t even have insurance to be practicing,” she added. Beatriz explained to the Botched doctors, “The next day, I start almost immediately feeling pretty groggy at around three o clock.”

She was told by the med spa she’d get an “energy boost”. Dr. Nassif then told her, “Obviously you know this, I’m sure, it was contaminated and you had bowls of bacteria in your blood stream.”

Where Beatriz is a year on

Beatriz is now dedicated to raising skin disease awareness and says she’s feeling a lot more confident. She has also just had her port removed, which is usually in the right side of the chest.

The E! star, who is a regular gym-goer, wrote on Instagram, “It’s been a whole year since we filmed and all this progress in my confidence has so much to do with them treating my scars!”

Beatriz has just made the move from Los Angeles to Miami and often shares her body confidence progress with her TikTok followers. She’s also been paying the hospital regular visits.


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