'Beef' creator says suicidal ideation in show was based on real experiences

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The creator of Netflix’s “Beef” used his acceptance speech at the Emmy Awards on Monday night to call attention to a critical issue. 

Following his show’s win for best limited series, Lee Sung Jin spoke about his struggles with suicidal ideation. It’s an issue that factors heavily into the backstory of the show’s main character, Danny, played by Steven Yeun. 

“A lot of the suicidal ideation in this show was based on stuff that I and some of the folks up here have struggled with over the years,” Jin told the audience. “So I’m really grateful and humbled by everyone who watched the show and reached out about their own personal struggles.”

In the first episode, Danny, a struggling contractor, attempts to return several hibachi grills. It’s later revealed that the grills are part of a plan to commit suicide through carbon monoxide poisoning, which he never carries out. Jin thanked the fans who reached out with their own stories, saying their words were very “life-affirming.”