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‘Baby, I wasn’t trying’: When Justin Bieber YELLED at wife Hailey after losing arcade game to her, was called out by netizens

Hailey and Justin Bieber’s relationship has always been the target of constant scrutiny. The model and the pop star, who tied the knot in 2018, have the eyes of the world on them and netizens tend to nitpick and question everything the two seem to do. Both of them have time and again opened up about how exhausting this behavior is but since they’re public figures, it’s part and parcel of the game. They’ve since learned how to tune out all the commentary.

Back in 2020, the couple went to an arcade and played some games to celebrate Valentine’s Day. A video shared by Hailey from their excursion went viral when netizens called out Justin for his behavior after losing to the Rhode founder in a game. Here’s what happened.

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When Justin Bieber YELLED at Hailey after losing arcade game

Hailey and Justin were celebrating Valentine’s Day with a day at the arcade and the former shared a sneak peek into their day on her Instagram story. The socialite flaunted her win by showcasing her score of 2,050 and Justin’s score of 500. “I WON. ACCEPT IT,” she wrote on the video. Justin looked seemingly annoyed by his loss and screamed at her, “Baby, I wasn’t trying!” She replied, “I beat you, accept it,” joyous with her clear win over him.

But the Internet did not take the video as well and netizens screen-recorded the video and slammed Justin for his behavior. One user wrote, “Honestly Low-key worried about her. That is not normally healthy behavior over losing an arcade game.” Another felt, “Fragile a** ego right there. Such a mature gentleman!” A third said, “He has some anger issues for sure.”

A fourth questioned, “That’s not joking. That’s someone having a very childish tantrum… under the influence of something? Or just themselves. But in any cases, it is worrying. What happens when he’s more mad?” A fifth replied, “Hope she (and all the young girls seeing this) realize that this is not normal behavior…” A sixth accused, “It’s what happens when one is married to an insecure manchild. She made the choice to live with it.”

After the backlash, Hailey deleted the video from her story. Regardless, she still posted their trip to the arcade on her account by sharing pictures. “happy valentines day cwazzzyyy [heart emoji],” she captioned the slide of images. Justin wore a black t-shirt with a Drew logo on it, goofy glasses, a large hat, and a plastic flower garland. Hailey donned a red sweater crop top with jeans, a Bieber necklace, and a headband with hearts on it as she posed.

The two made goofy faces, posed together happily, and in the last one Justin planted a kiss on Hailey’s lips in the pictures from 2020. Meanwhile, she recently released a strawberry glaze peptide lip treatment on Rhode and Justin was there to support her on launch day. They were also spotted on a boat ride, at the US Open and Beyonce’s concert stop recently.

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