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Attack on Titan The Final Season Finale: Eren’s plan EXPLAINED; Here’s how it ENDS

As per Collider, In the arena of Attack on Titan, Eren’s transformation from hero to antagonist became a shocker. However, upon closer examination, it becomes obvious that his actions have been a part of a well-notion-out plan, set in movement because of the end of Season 3. Given that we hardly ever glimpse Eren’s thoughts, his moves may appear abrupt. This breakdown sheds light on Eren’s attitude, connecting the dots and supplying context to his reputedly unpredictable actions.

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Attack on Titan 

Eren’s plan had its origins before the very last season kicked off, following the status quo of Historia as the queen of Paradis through the Survey Corps. During an awards ceremony, Eren’s contact and kiss of Historia’s hand activated the Founding Titan’s energy, granting him entry to the Paths, the ethereal realm connecting all Eldians. With this connection, the Attack Titan’s capability to look at its owners’ beyond and future became amplified. Eren noticed visions of his father’s life and the destiny he could form. While we didn’t know the specifics of the time, expertise in those visions clarifies Eren’s subsequent moves.

With the realization that a royal descendant should access Paths and talk with Ymir, Eren’s goal has become clear the Titans inside the Walls of the Rumbling without difficulty. To gain this, he wished to get admission to royal blood. Historia changed into dominated due to her isolation for safety and the long-term plans for Paradis. This left Eren’s half-brother Zeke as the alternative. Despite their initial enmity, Eren located Zeke’s euthanasia plan and realized he should align with Zeke to make the most of his royal lineage.

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But why did not Eren provoke the Rumbling when he and Zeke first met in Marley? This leads us to the more tricky part of his plan: the occasions. Eren’s purpose is to get rid of the world except for Paradis even as safeguarding his friends and Paradisans. He aimed to hold them out of his plan, ensure they were secure, and save outside forces from intervening.

To acquire this, Eren took numerous calculated steps. He altered Paradis’s assault on Marley, crippling Marley’s capacity to retaliate. He wolfed the War Hammer Titan for escape, initiated internal turmoil through the Jaegarists, and strategically separated himself from close pals like Armin and Mikasa, making sure they couldn’t observe him.

Everything appeared set for Eren’s plan to unfold flawlessly, but Reiner’s speedy motion disrupted it. Eren’s assault on Marley turned into postponing outdoor forces, however, Reiner’s invasion of Paradis brought about immediate counteraction. This brought about Eren’s battle via multiple Titan wielders to attain Zeke and, eventually, the Rumbling.

In hindsight, Eren’s plan was meticulously precise, influencing nearly every moment of the very last season. Understanding his intentions and goals, his movements grow to be clearer. Such attention to the element is part of what makes Attack on Titan enduringly fascinating, and as the series nears its conclusion, it is clear that its storytelling prowess remains intact.

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